Six Million 2018 Work Period Videos: April

Your texts are rich and deep and surprising and thought-provoking.  You often achieve a perfect balance of humor and horror.  
Marcy B. Freedman, Artist and Art Historian

Work Period:  16 April 2018 – 22 April 2018

Work Period:  9 April 2018 – 15 April 2018

Work Period:  2 April 2018 – 8 April 2018

Work Period:  26 March 2018 – 1 April 2018



In 2014, I decided to deploy video as a way for my written art to gain a wider audience by way of brick and mortar exhibition spaces and social media.  I use Windows Movie Maker to create and edit my videos.  My early work includes my digital art as well as narrative elements like videos I recorded with my LG/OCTANE Messaging Phone, old family photographs, and historical photographs from the public domain.  In the middle of 2015, the digital images matured into far more beautiful and compelling patterns than they were when I first began making them.  As a result, I stopped using the narrative elements in my videos.  The poems I write every work period are viscerally and intellectually charged paintings rendered with words.  The form of these works fluctuates.  They can be representational, surreal, abstract, or a combination of all three.  Their content also varies and I endeavor to intertwine themes I encounter in everyday life — race, sex, cultural identity/history, economic issues, and various patterns of human behavior — and present them with overtones of humor and sadness, loss and redemption.  Overall, the variations of form, content, and theme are a fitting counterpart to the diverse and telling portraits of my right forefinger and their corresponding works of abstract digital art.

If you would like to watch more of the “Six Million Work Period Videos”, the entire collection is available for public viewing on YouTube.

Linda Jean Fisher: YouTube