Volume Projects

What is a Volume Project?

A “volume project” is a designated number of works that must be completed within a certain time period while adhering to specific regulations.  Each project is divided into three parts:  the works themselves, the production schedule, and the paper named “The Support Document.” (The format of which is best described as a scholarly article stating a theory and/or describing the results of observations.)  The sum of the works and certain elements of the production schedule (like weekly quotas or the number of work sessions predetermined for a project) are drawn from numbers that generally come to my attention by way of my studies.   My current interests include the field of color, social and military history, religion (including Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity), science, and the Toyota Way.  Such numbers even go as far as to join together the bits of information that determine the structure and meaning of a “volume project.” I fully concentrate on my artwork four days per week and my standard work session is twelve hours.  I established, and thereby practice, a set of laws that supports a working environment that is conducive to my primary purpose:  the development and production of art.  Here are three examples:  1.) Thou shall do thy best not to answer the telephone during work sessions, 2.) Thou shall not shop on the Internet during work sessions, and 3.) Thou shall never allow a television into thy residence.

6 Million “Six Million and 576”
Current Fingerprint Sub-Total:
Hundred Hearts “Hundred Hearts,” 2005
Acrylic on 100 sheets of 65 lb. acid-free cover paperDimensions and arrangement are variable
Fifty Eggs “Fifty Eggs,” 2005
Acrylic on 50 sheets of 65 lb. acid-free cover paperDimensions and arrangement are variable
Ninety Nine Red Crosses “Ninety Red Crosses,” 2005 Acrylic on 90 sheets of 65 lb. acid-free cover paper
Dimensions Variable