During the past thirty years, I have worked toward developing a body of art that has at various times employed paintings, sculptures, drawings, installation, creative writing, digital artwork, video, and performance art. My work has led me to investigate themes I encounter in everyday life — race, sex, cultural identity/history, economic issues, and various patterns of human behavior — and present them with overtones of humor and sadness, loss and redemption. Despite the variety of my explorations, throughout it all it has been my belief that my responsibility as an artist is to make art that is beautiful and potent; that contributes and reveals. It is my responsibility to beautify the chaos of our chaotic world, to nurse the sick, and feed the powerless. Furthermore, it is also my duty to wave a flag for humanity in the face of atrocity, overthrow barriers, and articulate the essential events of our time until I wear myself down to a nub.