Exhibits and Other Projects

Current Exhibitions and Projects

Curated by Marcy B. Freedman and Carla Rae Johnson
Exhibition Dates:  March 6 to April 2, 2017
Artists’ Reception:  Saturday, March 11 from 4 to 6pm
Location:  BeanRunner Café Gallery, 201 S Division St, Peekskill, NY 10566  
Hours: Please check the website for hours: 

Past Exhibitions and Projects 


A New Installation of Paintings by Linda Jean Fisher
Artists Reception on November 16th, 2008
At Time & Space Limited / TSL in Hudson

Arts Organization Time & Space Limited presents Linda Jean Fisher’s “A Different Country” from November 8th through 30th, with a reception for the artist on November 16th from 11am to 1pm.  “A Different Country” is being shown in conjunction with the Met Opera Live in HD presentation of John Adam’s “Doctor Atomic” which will be screened on November 8th, 9th and 16th.

TSL is located at 434 Columbia Street in Hudson NY. The exhibit is free and open to the public. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm, one hour before weekend events and by appointment. For more information call 518-822-8448, email fyi@timeandspace.org or visit us online at www.timeandspace.org.

Ms. Fisher takes her fascination with color, sense of humor and appetite for information, and blends them together to create a series of lyrical paintings. The pieces tell a narrative, the story of the development of the atomic bomb. In the hands of this artist, it all makes aesthetic sense. (D. Dominick Lombardi, “A Language of Color Tells the Tale of the Atomic Bomb,” The New York Times, 17 October 2004)

“A Different Country” features paintings on paper by Peekskill-based artist Linda Jean Fisher. This installation uses paintings, citations from history, and Fisher’s own writings to tell the story of the making of the atomic bomb and how its detonation changed the world. This gallery exhibit coincides with the screening of the Metropolitan Opera’s “Doctor Atomic” on November 8th, 9th and 16th, and the combination of Linda Jean Fisher’s visual art with John Adam’s spectacular opera is a thematically unified explosive combination.

“Doctor Atomic” is just one of the Metropolitan Operas being broadcast by TSL during the 2008-2009 season. For more information regarding Linda Jean Fisher’s “A Different Country” or broadcasting of John Adam’s “Doctor Atomic” please call us at 518-822-8448, email us at fyi@timeandspace.org, visit us online at www.timeandspace.org, or see our November Calendar in print or online.

Now in its 18th year in Hudson, TSL has established itself as a beacon and leader in the neighborhood, county, and state, shaping the lives of community members through innovative and exciting cultural projects of quality and substance. Its mission is to educate, enliven, and expand the artistic quality of life in the community it serves.

ALAS Speech Project
July/August 2007

Fred Gillen Jr. recorded my full-length reading of Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer’s “Speech to the Association of Los Alamos Scientists” on the sixty-second anniversary of the Trinity detonation: 16 July 2007.  I mailed out fifty copies on the sixty-second anniversary of the Nagasaki atomic bombing: 9 August 2007. 

“The Color of Loyalty:  A Tribute to Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer”
7 January 2007 – 11 February 2007
1929 Gallery
United States Military Academy, West Point

This installation uses paintings, citations from history, principles of color science, and my own writings, to teach the value of loyalty as it manifests itself in personal integrity, fellowship, and humanity.  Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer’s contributions as a teacher, physicist, and public servant exemplified his love for the United States of America.  This exhibition celebrates loyalty in his name.  Download the fully illustrated exhibition catalogue here.